Meddox makes healthcare more engaging

We believe that having access to and visibility of your health history enables you, in the long term, to better understand and improve your health.

In a digitally enabled world healthcare consumers are increasingly taking ownership and becoming more engaged in their health management. Healthcare consumers want to easily access the information they need, in order to make informed decisions about their health. Complete health records benefit individuals and improve the quality of the medical care that they receive.


Our mission is to:


individuals to own their health information


individuals’ understanding of health information


deliver better health-related decisions and outcomes


Going to a number of doctors’ offices and trying to get your medical records, or compile them all in one place, can be time-consuming. Often, medical records are all over the place, lost or unreadable, so your medical history is incomplete.

We at Meddox are not only interested in building a solution that consumers will find useful but also in making it suitable for your healthcare in the future. The ability to safely store, manage, access and share your health data, in a private and confidential environment, can also help to ensure improved healthcare in the future. Healthcare providers will be able to make better decisions for your treatment as they will be more aware of your allergies, any current medication, accurate dosages, previous diagnoses, treatment plans, etc.


Everybody’s medical history is unique. But collectively, our medical data can become a tool that is more powerful than the sum of its parts. With a more complete picture of individuals health data, researchers can identify trends and unlock insights that could lead to medical breakthroughs which, ultimately, can make a difference to you for your health, and for that of your loved ones, and for future generations.

Meddox application is not only a tool that presents all your medical records in an easy-to-use environment, but it also enables you to choose as to whether or not  you wish to contribute your extremely important data to scientific research, which can help life science companies accelerate possible breakthroughs in the provision of healthcare.

With your consent, Meddox is able to use aggregated, anonymized data, to give researchers a uniquely rich view of how diseases are experienced by individual patients and treated by clinicians in the real world, far beyond the highly controlled setting offered by clinical trials.

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